12th June 2021

Dallas, US Dallas Maintenance

5th June 2021, 21:00

We are currently planning on doing full location maintenance in Dallas, Texas on12th June 2021. This date is flexible and you will be updated if something changes. We will be upgrading networking systems and moving our systems into a different set of racks. Expected downtime is hopefully AT MAX 8 hours long, starting at 10AM CST. This downtime could be longer.

If you have any questions please contact us through our ticketing system. We hope to have everyone back online by 6PM CST.

If you are wondering "Why are they doing this on a Saturday?" it is because this is a two person job and we are having to call in some extra set of hands, and they were only available on Saturday. Also we are doing something we never have before! We're going to be live-streaming the move to everyone if you would like to watch. Details will be posted on Saturday.

12th June 2021, 10:00

Dallas Maintenance is starting. If you're interested in the live stream we will share a link in Discord.

12th June 2021, 11:30

We ran into some trouble regarding the post positions in our new racks, this means there's a delay. We're currently repositioning them. Should have it sorted in around 30 minutes. We hope to start moving servers by 1pm. We'll be moving them 5 at a time, tops 15-20 minutes downtime for each node.

13th June 2021, 00:30

Dallas Maintenance has now finished! We have migrated to our new racks successfully and upgraded our network.

We have a time-lapse from the Twitch stream we did showing the migration in the discord for those interested.