29th June 2021

Stockholm, SE Stockholm Core Router Upgrade

29th June 2021, 10:30

Maintenance has begun, today we are upgrading our two core routers in Stockholm. We anticipate brief downtime of 10-20 minutes later in the day around 1pm.

29th June 2021, 13:05

Stockholm services will now have a brief outage of 10-20 minutes while we move cables to the new routers.

29th June 2021, 13:33

Taking longer than we expected, we are still migrating.

29th June 2021, 13:46

Migration done, we are investigating why things are still down.

29th June 2021, 14:31

Taking longer than we expected, we are still investigating.

29th June 2021, 16:05

Partial services have been restored, we are currently working on restoring full service.

29th June 2021, 16:20

All services have now been restored. We apologise for the extended downtime today.