19th September 2021

Los Angeles, US Los Angeles Core Router Upgrade

18th September 2021, 16:00 PST

Maintenance has begun, today we are upgrading our two core routers in Los Angeles. Aim to finish around 6pm.

We anticipate brief downtime of 20 minutes, we will give 30 minutes warning here before.

18th September 2021, 18:00 PST

We've ran into an issue while installing the new routers, sorry for the delay.

18th September 2021, 19:00 PST

We have resolved the issue with installing the routers, due to the late time we've decided to halt maintenance for today. Maintenance will resume 3pm PST tomorrow.

19th September 2021, 15:00 PST

Maintenance has begun, downtime of 20-30 minutes will begin at 4pm PST.

19th September 2021, 16:00 PST

We will now enter a period of intermittent downtime, lasting up to 30 minutes.

19th September 2021, 16:25

Full service has now been restored, we will now test to ensure everything is ok.

19th September 2021, 16:46

Tests complete, full service has been restored and maintenance period has ended.